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You can take the WOWI on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.


We want to make sure that everyone has a great experience when taking the WOWI assessment.

  • Appropriate for ages 13 and up, grade 8 and up
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • 3 reading levels to choose from
  • Accessible to individuals who are blind and visually impaired, deaf, or quadriplegic

Screen Readers

The BVI version of the WOWI was developed with, and endorsed by, an organization exclusively serving individuals who are blind. They universally rate it as the most accessible career assessment on the market. It was carefully designed to be fully compatible with JAWS and other screen readers. Screen readers are also used by people with certain cognitive or learning disabilities, or users who simply prefer audio content over text.

How to Choose

The best choice for you will depend on the type of computer or smartphone that you have and the browser you prefer. Nearly all computers, tablets, and smartphones have a screen reader function built in. Popular programs are JAWS and NVDA for Windows computers, VoiceOver for the Mac and iPhone, and TalkBack on Android.

Job Access With Speech screen reader logo

WOWI offers a version of the assessment that omits the spatial-form area in the Career Training Potentials section and is compatible with the JAWS® screen reader.

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JAWS Keystrokes

Job Access With Speech screen reader logo

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free screen reader for use with computers running on Windows.

Go to: Download

Chrome screen reader logo

ChromeVox is a free screen reader that can be downloaded as a Google Chrome browser extension for desktop and laptop computers.

Go to: Add to Chrome

Microsoft Edge screen reader logo

The new Microsoft Edge comes with built-in accessibility options to help you browse the web in a way that best suits your needs.

Go to: Accessibility features

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking facilitates hands-free device interaction, supporting users who can't or don't want to use their hands as an input modality.

  • Get started with eye control in Windows®
    Microsoft Support will guide you through all the steps of setting up an eye tracker.

    Go to: Microsoft Support

  • Voice control, switch control, and accessibility keyboard User Guide
    Control your Mac without a physical keyboard, and perform mouse actions using eye- or head-tracking technology.

    Go to: Apple Support

WOWI Career Assessment uses comprehensive scientific techniques to incorporate career interests, work-related skills, & work styles to find the best career matches.