Level 2 Workshops.
Atypical Profiles, Career Directedness & Practice Interpretations.

Available as a PDF file


Recognize and interpret selected unusual Profiles: The depressed, stressed, doesn’t want to work, unrealistic, under-educated, work-centered and environment-centered profiles

Understand various interpretation techniques

Recognize individuals’ specific education and training needs

Detect and overcome barriers to education, employment, and training

Understand your clients’ work-related attitudes, personality and values

Increase your placement success by thoroughly utilizing information in the Profile Report

More in depth exploration and understanding of how to thoroughly utilize the rich base of information available to you in the WOWI


Level 1 Concept Consolidation

  • Norm-Referenced and Self-Referenced Assessment
  • Using Norms for Grade Level Equivalents
  • Strong vs. Weak Preference Structures
  • General Normative Orientations of People
  • Work Style Preferences

Understanding Atypical Profiles

  • Content Driven
  • Process Driven
  • Leisure Driven
  • All Positive Profile
  • All Negative Profile
  • Under-Educated Profile
  • Questionable CTP Profile


Assessing Career Directedness

  • Integrating the Self-Selected Choices
  • Triangulating the WOWI Scales

Practice Profile Interpretations

  • Case 1
  • Case 2