Level 1 Workshops.
Development, Administration & Interpretation.

Available as a PDF file


Utilize the entire Profile Report and ancillary materials to more effectively help your clients

Understand various interpretation techniques: triangulation method, center-line method, and individual scale usage

Recognize your clients’ key job-relevant motivators

Identify individuals’ least and most preferred coworkers

Assess math and reading levels

Recognize individuals’ specific education and training needs

Detect and overcome barriers to education, employment, and training

Understand your clients’ work-related attitudes, personality, and values

Determine the type of “corporate culture” and the size of organization in which an individual would be most comfortable

Increase your placement success


History and Development

  • The impetus
  • Research
  • Issue of person-Job fit
  • Timeline of events in the initial development of the WOWI


  • Instructions for administering WOWI online

Interpretation: Career Training Potentials

  • What they measure
  • The norm groups
  • CTP heuristics
  • Remediation strategies


Interpretation: Career Interest Activities

  • How interests are measured
  • Data/Idea, People, and Thing orientations
  • Idiographic vs. Nomothetic assessment
  • Measures of Central and Peripheral Preferences

Interpretation: Job Satisfaction Indicators

  • How the JSIs serve to focus the Profile
  • JSI Behavioral Anchors: What each subscale measures
  • Extreme and moderate scores on each: What they indicate

Summary Of All 3 Scales

  • Using all of the information available on the Profile