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History & Development Video ›

In this short video, you’ll get the chance to explore the history of career assessment and the development of the WOWI. This is key foundational knowledge for people who want to understand why a multidimensional approach to career assessment is essential.


History & Development ›

This comprehensive module focuses on the factors that are important for a good Person-Job Fit and why this led to WOWI integrating three measures into one comprehensive assessment.


Administration ›

The Administration section offers a live demonstration that shows you how to create login credentials, provide instructions to people taking the assessment, and view the different reports and resources.


Interpretation: Career Training Potentials (CTPs) ›

This module of materials provides information on WOWI’s Career Training Potentials and key considerations for interpretation, including how to reframe communications for maximum impact, and how to lay a foundation for discussing realistic career options.


Interpretation: Career Interest Activities (CIAs) ›

The Career Interest Activities measure much more than what your clients like and don't like to do. The substantial depth of information that is communicated through this part of the profile is extensively explored.


Interpretation: Job Satisfaction Indicators (JSIs) ›

These materials explore Job Satisfaction Indicators on a deeper level. JSIs are scales designed to help clients match their work styles to potential job or career options.



Level 1 Concept Consolidation ›

This module enables participants to refresh and consolidate their memory of Level 1 key concepts in order to get the most out of the Level 2 workshop.


Understanding Atypical Profiles ›

Profile patterns can be complex and often difficult to understand. This module provides critical insights into interpreting these profiles.


Assessing Career Directedness ›

This module fully explores how to assess the client's level of career directedness by looking at the relationship between their self-select choices and their high measured Career Interest Activities.


Practice Profile Interpretations ›

Participants use what they've learned in Levels 1 and 2 to tackle the interpretation of challenging profiles of actual clients.

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Level 1

Level 2

WOWI Career Assessment uses comprehensive scientific techniques to incorporate career interests, work-related skills & work styles to find the best career matches.