Level 2 Workshop


The objectives of the Training Workshop for the World of Work Inventory are to teach you to:

  • Recognize and interpret selected unusual Profiles: The depressed, stressed, doesn’t want to work, unrealistic, under-educated, work-centered and environment-centered profiles
  • Understand various interpretation techniques
  • Recognize individuals’ specific education and training needs
  • Detect and overcome barriers to education, employment, and training
  • Understand your clients’ work-related attitudes, personality and values
  • Increase your placement success by thoroughly utilizing information in the Profile Report
  • More in depth exploration and understanding of how to thoroughly utilize the rich base


Level 1 Concept Consolidation

  • Idiographic and Nomothetic Components of the WOWI
  • Using Norms for Grade Level Equivalents
  • Central vs. Peripheral Preference Structures
  • General Normative Orientations of People
  • Work Style Preferences

Understanding Atypical Profiles

  • Content Driven
  • Process Driven
  • Leisure Driven
  • All Positive Profile
  • All Negative Profile
  • All Neutral Profile
  • Negative or Neutral CIA, Well Differentiated JSI
  • Under-Educated Profile
  • Questionable CTP Profile


Assessing Career Directedness

  • Integrating the Self-Selected Choices
  • Triangulating the WOWI Scales

Practice Profile Interpretations

  • Cases 1-5


pdf file: Level 2