Level 1 Workshop


The objectives of the Training Workshop for the World of Work Inventory are to teach you to:

  • Utilize the entire Profile Report and ancillary materials to more effectively help your clients
  • Understand various interpretation techniques: triangulation method, center-line method, individual scale usage, etc.
  • Recognize your clients’ key job-relevant motivators
  • Identify individuals’ least and most preferred coworkers
  • Assess math and reading levels
  • Recognize individuals’ specific education and training needs
  • Detect and overcome barriers to education, employment, and training
  • Understand your clients’ work-related attitudes, personality, and values
  • Determine the type of “corporate culture” and the size of organization in which an individual would be most comfortable
  • Increase your placement success


History and Development

  • The Impetus
  • Research
  • Issue of Person-Job Fit
  • Timeline of Events in the Initial Development of the WOWI®


  • Instructions for Administering WOWI Online

Interpretation: Career Training Potentials

  • What They Measure
  • The Norm Groups
  • CTP Heuristics
  • Remediation Strategies


Interpretation: Career Interest Activities

  • How Interests are Measured
  • Data/Idea, People, and Thing Orientations
  • Idiographic vs. Nomothetic Assessment
  • Measures of Central and Peripheral Preferences

Interpretation: Job Satisfaction Indicators

  • How the JSIs Serve to Focus the Profile
  • JSI Behavioral Anchors: What each subscale measures
  • Extreme and Moderate Scores on Each: What they indicate

Summary Of All 3 Scales

  • Using All of the Information Available on the Profile


pdf file: Level 1