Career Interest Activities

Public Service


Individuals with high scores in this area enjoy the activities of offering people professional information to help them with their problems, to expand their knowledge and to help them maintain or obtain a high quality of life. They like activities related to helping other people with their personal, financial and legal problems, or in emergency situations. Teaching and continuing education are also favored. Activities which relate to the physical care of animals as well as humans are valued. Also, they may often like providing a service such as counseling, job placement or giving advice. Public Service oriented people may also prefer protecting people from danger or working with words and ideas to defend people from injustice.

The Sciences


Activities in this area relate to expanding our knowledge of the world around us to find the causes of such things as chemical and behavioral reactions and ecological breakdowns. Many individuals with high scores in this area prefer activities related to the study of people and the societies in which they live. They also enjoy activities related to gathering data to solve scientific problems, basic research and the use of data to support findings. Studying causes, cures, the earth and human behaviors interests this type of person. Problem solving activities may range from inventing methods to prevent metal from rusting, solving human problems in space flight, finding new ways to purify the air or studying the effects of humans living close together.



Persons with high scores in this area take pleasure in the activities of practically applying the sciences to everyday technology. They like to plan, design, survey and direct. They enjoy analyzing problems such as flood control, work flow, automobile safety and then designing and drawing the plans for river dams, laying out machinery in the factory or making a new car safety belt. This person prefers to work with mathematics to design or figure out how things will react. Activities for these people may vary from drawing exact plans for a city street light system or surveying land to determine its measurements and contours, to designing rocket launchers and space suits for astronauts. Other activities for these individuals could be surveying a route for a power line across a mountain or designing a highway cloverleaf. Determining ways to improve television broadcasting or automobiles might also be motivating.

Business Relations


Persons with high scores in this area like activities related to figuring profit and loss, handling, loaning and using money. Other activities related to this area are the analysis of consumer behavior, purchasing products and advertising products to influence the buying public. People who like this area often enjoy influencing people indirectly through media advertising. They prefer activities relating to the public, using data and making short or long-term business/financial forecasts. Often, they like organizing and utilizing people's talents in an organization. These last activities are often closely related to management activities.



Being in charge and being responsible are activities these people prefer. They like activities related to organizing, supervising and managing groups of people. They also enjoy the activities related to being responsible for seeing that work gets done and planning and organizing the situations and institutions in which they work. Their responsibilities may vary from supervising a group of workers on a shift to determining policy for a company or unit of government.

The Arts


Entertaining or informing others, expressing or exhibiting one's self or products through personal and creative activities are enjoyed by individuals who score high in this area. The activities in this area vary from composing to directing or performing a composition, entertaining in a play or nightclub or appearing on TV or in a movie. The expressive activities may be accomplished via the artist’s canvas, the camera lens or the writer’s pen. Planning a color scheme or decorating a room may be enjoyed. These individuals often prefer activities which are performed before an audience.

Media Design


People who score high in this area often like to create two- and three-dimensional models, animation, and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media. In addition, they may enjoy creating visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They may also like to develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. Still others may want to be responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. They often create the overall design of a project and direct others who develop artwork and layouts.

Office & Admin Support


Individuals who score high in this area like to be systematic, orderly and neat. They can catch their own mistakes and will stay with a job until it is finished. They enjoy typing, filing, cataloging, indexing, sorting, distributing, scheduling, copying, duplicating and record keeping. Meeting and greeting clients, as the first or only contact with an organization, is valued. Clerically oriented individuals like operating business machines, interviewing, filling in forms, taking shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, stock-keeping, cashiering and keypunching.



People scoring high in this area prefer influencing, explaining, convincing and persuading people. They enjoy selling an idea or product to another person, meeting, greeting, conversing with people either in person or on the telephone. They may also like to perform the activities of analyzing another’s needs as they are talking together and then providing a specific service to fill those needs.



Service-oriented people enjoy assisting, caring for or providing a service to another person. They may like waiting on people, cooking for them, helping them look nicer, fixing their hair, shopping for them and socializing or playing with them. They often prefer assisting people who are currently in poor health or are handicapped. The service activities relating to working with people may vary from caring for an infant or a senior citizen, supervising others or managing the facilities where services are provided.



People who like this area enjoy those activities performed outdoors and related to the land or water, such as catching fish, hunting animals and harvesting crops. They prefer activities requiring the use of the body to farm, fish or work in the forest. They also like activities which may require being alone. Cleaning, sharpening and repairing tools and equipment are also enjoyed. These people like such varied activities as driving a hay baler, docking a fishing boat, setting traps or handling a chain saw. Job duties which require knowing the seasons, astronomy and working with nature are also enjoyed.



The activities in this area are related to operating, tending and regulating equipment, observing a process and recording data. People who like this area enjoy mixing, blending, crushing, pressing, churning, freezing, plating or dyeing materials. Activities for this person are primarily those of checking to insure the equipment is performing the task correctly. Judging, determining and discriminating when and how long to have the equipment perform a task are preferred.

Machine Work


Individuals with high scores in this area like the activities of operating, driving and controlling machines. They take pleasure in the exacting work of operating a lathe, glass cutter or drill press and take pride in the end result of their labor. They may also like the activities of driving, operating and controlling buses, trucks and heavy equipment. They may also enjoy repairing their own equipment.

Bench Work


Persons scoring high in this area like the activities of stringing, fitting, embroidering, assembling, adjusting, matching, decorating, gluing, cutting, polishing, soldering, threading and adjusting, as well as examining and inspecting. They may enjoy looking through a magnifying glass and soldering precision micro parts or using screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and tweezers in assembling watches or putting wooden chair parts together. These people like the activities of making a judgment and then performing a precision task, such as, stringing a guitar or cutting or polishing precious stones.

Structural Work


Persons scoring high in this area prefer activities of measuring, hammering, sawing, pouring, drilling, troweling and lifting materials. These people may also like the activities of welding, plumbing, finishing, roofing, painting, plastering, cementing, excavating, grading or paving. They are inclined toward activities that are performed outside and those where the work location changes when a job is done. They may like activities related to studying blueprints or drawings and then building a structure following the plans. They also enjoy using their hands or developing a building trade skill.

Mechanical & Electrical


Persons scoring high in this area like the activities of repairing, replacing, tinkering, fixing and performing tune-ups. They may enjoy the specific mechanical activities of taking a motor or engine apart, analyzing the problem, replacing parts and then putting it all back together. They like the activities of analyzing, inventing and applying techniques to solve mechanical or electrical problems. They generally like to apply the theoretical ideas of the persons scoring high in the Career Area 'Engineering & Related'.



Persons scoring high in this area enjoy the activities of working with a team, building, blasting, digging, drilling, shoveling and loading. They like handling dynamite, jackhammering and pneumatic drilling and may also want to perform these activities underground. They may also like to operate machinery or drive small trains.